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goth v part 1.jpg

golden goth v upgrades

The Gibson Gothic Flying V receives its first round of upgrades!

Watch the video to see pickup covers installed, bridge saddles slotted, and tuners being replaced.

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Portable power amp | orange pedal baby 100

Flying into your upcoming summer festival shows?

Don’t be at the mercy of whatever the rental company provides, the Pedal Baby 100 is the portable, clean amplification solution for your pedalboard.

PSU or battery: which takes priority? | tata


If you have a pedal connected to both a battery and a power supply, which power source will the pedal use?

This TATA video looks at pedal power design to answer that question…

tata power.jpg


‘Target Mids’ Now available!

The long awaited CSGuitars pedal is now here! Target Mids is a single band parametric EQ focusing on the most important frequencies for guitar: The midrange.
Handmade by renowned pedal manufacturer Airis Effects in Ontario, Canada, Target Mids features high quality, low tolerance components and the rock solid build quality that will stand up to a lifetime of abuse.
You can grab yours now from Airis Effects webstore:

csguitars t-shirts available

Look your best with the new range of CSGuitars wearable merchandise.

Logo t-shirts available in two colours show your allegiance, while the ‘Seek Redemption’ Limited Edition shirts will mark you as a true member of ‘The Cult Of The Patch Cable’

Shop at our online store today: